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Internationally acclaimed touring musician Justin Ancheta is a guitarist, vocalist, and composer . Hailing from San Francisco, his band is a conscious-spreading, influential voice in today’s culture.  A rarity, Ancheta has shown his perseverance by touring Europe and the United States by Bike and Train. He is an artist making waves and setting precedents across the globe with his lyrics, which share the human power of community. Ancheta’s eclectic style of reggae flavored funk and jazz is infectious. Ancheta has played with Joan Baez, Tunisia’s MC Rai, opened for the Wailers, Creedence Clearwater Survival, Charles Neville, and Ricky Skaggs.  Ancheta was a featured artist at the Hawaii Spirit Festival 2010 on North Shore Oahu, Wanderlust Festival Lake Tahoe, MannaFest Grass Valley, One of Ridgestock’s Festival Headliner’s in 2013, helped by playing Barcelona’s first Bicycle Music Festival, and was a featured artist at San Francisco’s prestigious Yoshi’s Jazz Club. His newest CD, ‘Plant’ was released in April 2013.
Justin Ancheta, musician, DJ, and Producer exudes a vibrant and energetic personality both on and off the stage, infusing his performances with infectious enthusiasm. His performance style seamlessly blends diverse genres, creating a dynamic atmosphere that keeps audiences on their feet all night. Ancheta’s love for DJ’ing stems from the thrill of curating unique sonic experiences and witnessing the joy it brings to others. What sets him apart is his ability to effortlessly transition between various musical styles while maintaining a cohesive flow, showcasing his versatility as an open-format DJ. Comfortable on the mic as an MC, Ancheta adds an engaging layer to his sets, captivating the crowd with his charismatic presence. Alongside his DJ prowess, he also showcases his talent as a live musician, proficient in multiple instruments, and is open to incorporating live performances into his performance. His first musical love was reggae, igniting his passion for music at a young age, and currently, he’s enamored with blending electronic beats with world music influences.
The Justin Ancheta Band is comprised of a crew of stand-out musicians. Alex Scammon (Garcia), on the saxophone, is trained in jazz, funk, and classical. Garcia brings an element of funk melody to the mix. Alex ScammonHe is from Nevada City, California, Via England, and helped comprise the band ‘Fink-Fank-Funk’ on the East Coast during his college years. Damian Sol is on Violin. Classically trained and experienced in leading his own eclectic group – ‘Los Pasedillas’. Damian SolOriginally from Sacramento, California, he now resides in Oakland – where the band headquarters is located. Marlon Aldana is on the Drum Set. He came to California via Guadalajara in the most recent years to play music full time. Marlon AldanaHe is now officially making leaps and strides with JAB using his skills on percussion and vocals. Also on percussion is Jesse Weber. He has been one of the longest running crew members of JAB, leading back to the mid to late 2000’s. His skill set on percussion comes from a deep rooted study in afro-cuban beat. Jesse WeberHe has studied with the masters in Cuba and is also a classically trained percussionist. Lastly, we have Adam Lowdermilk on bass. Another classically trained musician, Adam has studied it all from classical to afro-cuban rhythms, with a strong background in Jazz and improvisation. Adam LHe brings an energy to the band from the low end that will set your pants on fire. He also plays in ‘Cradle Duende’ with Justin Ancheta, as well as leading his own group ‘Kuckaw’.
Listen: “Better Predicament”
The new Album is released April 9th, 2013. The featured track ‘Better Predicament’ focuses on the topic of the turning of the age of aquarius and seeing what comes from us watching what we feed to the next generations, hoping for the awakening to be seen now – and created now.
“A beat that is global in scope.” Gus Thompson – Auburn Journal
“One of the best and brightest bands…” Mark S. Allen – Good Morning Sacramento, KMAX Channel 31
More information @ Justin Ancheta . com – For booking please contact:

“Be the change you wish to see” Ghandi “Live simply so that others may simple live”

(East Coast, Albany New York 2011. – Photo by: John Nilsen Studios 2011.)

Photo: Dan Fig 2013.

Photo Credit: Celeste Lindahl 2013

From The Hills – Photo: Celeste Lindahl

Backline Requirements for LARGE FULL BAND – out-of-town shows: 1) Drum Set [Hi-Hat, Ride, Crash, 2 toms 12″ and 16″, + 22″ kick] Brand: DW. 2) Congas (2) 3) Fender Twin Reverb Guitar Amp 4) SWR Bass amp (1×15 and 4×10″ speaker cab) 5) Minimum 16 Channel Board and 3 Monitors (preferred 5 Monitors, Priority in monitor numbers below in JAB Stage Plot) Sound and Backline for Acoustic Solo Justin Ancheta shows (please let us know if you cannot accomodate this, and we will make sure to bring the necessary adjustments in our gig-list: 1) 3 xlr inputs, 2 D.I. boxes 2) 1×12″Monitor, boom stand, 3) if you want the acoustic trio, please add the following: kick mic, 1 more voc mic + Boom stand, OH Mic, 1 more DI,