Gear Requirements

Depending on the show, we have different requirements. This tech rider provides details for three different styles of show. These apply generally to all shows, but particularly to shows outside of the Bay Area. If you have any questions about these requests, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss them with you.


Full (6-piece) Band

Minimum board requirement: 16 inputs, 3 monitors, 2 monitor mixes
Preferred board requirements: 24 inputs, 5 monitors, 4 monitor mixes
(prioritized monitor mixes indicated with numbers below, in the stage plot)

Line and mic requirements:

  • 6 drum set mics [hi-hat, ride, crash, 12″ rack tom, 16″ floor tom, 22″ kick]
  • 4 vocal mics [in order of priority: lead vocal, drum vocal, sax vocal, violin vocal]
  • 2 overhead drum mics for percussion rig
  • 1 guitar amp mic
  • 1 D.I. for electric bass
  • 1 XLR line for electric violin
  • 1 XLR line for saxophone



Acoustic Trio

  • 1 kick drum mic
  • 2 vocal mics
  • 3 boom mic stands
  • 1 overhead mic for percussion
  • 3 D.I. boxes
  • 3 stage monitors
  • 2 monitor mixes

Acoustic Solo

  • 1 vocal mic
  • 2 D.I. boxes
  • 1 stage monitor (12″ or larger)
  • 1 boom mic stand


Please let us know as early as possible if you cannot accommodate any of these needs so we can make adjustments to our setlist as needed.

Stage Plot

Download as PDF
Tech Rider: Stage Plot