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Thanks for your patience on the new material we are creating in our studio. precious time is being taken to create some new audio jewels. Hope to share soon! For now, Please come to one of our shows coming up. The next one I am really excited about is THIS Friday at Awaken Cafe, October 16th. I’ll be doing an acoustic set with Damian Sol (JAB), and Alex Scammon (JAB) with guest musicians as well. This will be a unique experience to here some of the new material, plus some old favorites with a looping flare. Here is the link. Please share!

I’m also doing a fabulous run of shows with Honey Of The Heart, who will also be at Awaken this night. Check out our shows coming up at:

And some old school info from years past to enjoy:

Here are some tidbits of the album to listen to, plus video from ‘live-on-bike’ sunday streets, SF with Rock The Bike, and the press release for the upcoming album (PLANT: 2013 release). Thank you so much for staying involved with us. I am really excited to share the new tunes with you all, as well as share where I go to create some positive actions. Now! Please spread the word about the upcoming releases, like out page, and let’s have some fun!

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