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Time, life, moving, inspiring moments. Set your intentions and go!  Our ability to connect our intention and create moments very fast is happening now!

New Year’s Resolutions

Rather than do a year-end review of 2012, I’m much more excited to review what we have in store for 2013.  All sorts of things are in the works:

  • Justin Ancheta Band CD release 2013
  • Shake Your Peace CD release 2013
  • New art by Rich Black
  • T-shirts
  • Posters
  • Festivals
  • Tours at Hawaii and around the West Coast
  • Bike tours and more Rock the Bike events

That’s a lot on our plate, but a lot of it is already locked and loaded and ready to go.

Our 2013 Inspiration

The inspiration for all of this amazing output is unquestionably you, the people we hope to reach with our music.  All of these events and happenings are created to try and connect with each other, to share our intentions in the moment, to grow our roots deep, plant our seeds in fertile soil, and let abundance flow through.  We hope you get caught up in our desire to connect and create.

Come check out a show and get inspired to create NOW!

With love,


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