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Oahu and Festival Possibilities

I just returned from an epic journey through jungles and waterfalls and around the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The trip was fruitful for personal growth and enjoyment, as well as reaching out to the local community and gathering resources to create the first Bicycle Musical Festival of Hawaii!

While a Bicycle Musical Festival may seem strange to do in Hawaii, I think it would actually have meaningful impact.  Bicycles are not used nearly enough on the island.  They are mostly looked down upon because, in the eyes of many island residents, only the homeless and drug users use bicycles. I do not say this with judgement myself, but I do recognize the community’s fears.  The bicycle, therefore, has a strongly negative connotation on the island.

By staging a Bicycle Musical Festival, we hope to create a better vision for sustainable transportation.  The island itself is perfect bicycles: a perfect climate and minimal hills. In the heaviest downpour, you can enjoy a ride in warmth on the island (more news on that soon).  Our intention is to use music to change the general attitude towards bicycles with a positive cultural event.

Returning to Family

For now, I am excited to go back to the snow and visit family and friends in the hills. Some shows on those occasions are

 2013 Reflection

After making it through 2013, the apocolypse, and the completion of the album PLANT in early April, I have been busy tending to my creative side, getting inspired by writing and playing with great musicians in the area. One of the highlights for me was when Jason McGuire of Caminos Flamencos sat in with me at La Peña in Berekeley. It brought back so many memories: I even have a recording of our first time ever playing together over a decade ago as evidence of our longterm relationship. Many new songs were born in this chance meeting at La Peña. If you want to see a show of us play together, give me a shout and I’ll forward your good word on to Jason and get the ball rolling ; )

Until 2014!

Justin Ancheta

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