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Wow! it’s 2020, and so much has happened to change what life is like. As time goes by, I continue to be amazed at the struggles, epiphanies, and lessons learned through it all. There have been some bumps and bruises along the path, but I feel grateful to be able to continue to express my art form and praise for life. 

My biggest challenges and rewards have been in becoming a father. In doing family life, I’ve been able to also reach for some goals of keeping music at the forefront of my desire and capacities. Sometimes I find myself in front of a computer more than behind a guitar, but to find moments of the al-natural, instrument, and creation, has kept my heart beating strong in life. I keep moving my body and realizing that when I do, I take deeper breaths that allow me to feel more. Sometimes hurt and pain, but also joy, tears, grief, relief, and inspiration. These feelings let me know that I am alive! and blessed to be so. 

This all said I am pleased to announce an album that brings the most celebration and sweet grief of any album I have been a part of to date. I have created it with my partner, Maren Metke, mother to my child, Juniper. We dove, and continue to dive deep into life together and this album is an auditory experience of doing all of this. Enjoy listening straight from our website here, or go stream in from social media online. It is up everywhere for your consumption and enjoyment. 
My prayer is that you get something out of the experience and that you find ways to connect more with yourself, and in doing so, connect more with the things you love and care about.

Feel free to reach out personally if you have any questions or comments to share about the album and watch out for shows in 2020, as we will be touring as much as we can with the album and our little one.  
New Music and CreationsWe are planning to continue releasing songs throughout 2020 and beyond from our own record label Soul Graffiti Productions. We are also in the process of sharing our gifts in the following forms

– Lessons in music (email:
– Lessons and workshops in NVC and Neurolinguistics (email:
-Lessons in electronic music production (email:
-We are always making music, whether it is with JAB, HOTH, SYP!, or others. Stay up to date by making sure you check these emails and our sites out.

Here is a link to the newest Promo video we created from New Years Eve.

Lastly, I’ll be posting a lot on our new website “Honey of the Heart” but also, I’ll be continuing my efforts with the Justin Ancheta Band while creating new tunes in the coming year(s). Thank you for all of your support in the efforts of continued Music-Making.

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