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CD Release Show Wrap-up

Thank you for the love and support and for helping create dreams in music and art. I feel very blessed to be pursuing such an ethereal art form of sound, and to be able to share it with you.  Our CD Release shows were phenomenal and I appreciate every single one of you who came out to see us.

Please take a listen to the new album if you haven’t already:

More Shows on the Way

The CD Release shows were great but we’re not done yet: come check out the eclectic-as-usual shows in Northern California that I just posted. Everything from acoustic to full band to Cradle Duende:

  • Justin Ancheta full band at Club Car’s 10 year anniversary party May 11th
  • Justin Ancheta acoustic solo show at the Surf Spot on May 17th
  • Cradle Duende at the Maker Faire on May 18th

Kickstarter Campaign Finishing Touches

I am in the throes of sending out the last of the Kickstarter campaign rewards.  I believe I’ve got it all taken care of, but if you have not received your reward please let me know and I’ll send it out ASAP.  Once again, thank you, thank you to everyone who contributed and made this CD a reality.

Lots of love!

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