Justin Ancheta At Red Popeye Art House
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Justin Ancheta At Red Popeye Art House

1-5-11 at the red poppey art house in SF

This Wed open Music/Art Collaboration feat Justin Ancheta – At – Red Popeye Art House.
Happy New Year to all my peoples,
This is the official invitation to the first Red Poppy Art House Artist Salon of 2011.
Tomorrow night we will open the doors of the art house for any musician, artist, poet, or rampant individualist to come in, bring your instrument, voice or passion and join a night of spontaneous creation. We will also be featuring the original music of local musician and art educator Justin Ancheta. He will be performing some original tunes and opening up the floor for complete undaunted collaboration and improvisation. Here is a brief bio of Justin:

Hailing from San Francisco, California, Justin Ancheta is a music making, social changing, conscious spreading, teacher and artist. His eclectic style of reggae flavored indie-rock, funk and jazz is a down-to-earth and moving music with lyrics that reveal his passion for community, awareness, and change. On a scholarship for soccer for four years at Sacramento State University, Justin studied Environmental Science and Music while fronting the acclaimed band “Sinclair” and later “Pills & Jackets.” While still keeping up with performing, Justin has been involved with music programs and after school programs to help pass meaning and culture through his music and love for nature. He has also worked and volunteered with Grid Alternatives & Bay Solar, earthship biotectures and other projects encouraging the knowledge and use of Alternative energy and simple living practices. Justin has played music to encourage art and culture at schools throughout Northern California, focusing on the concept that we can be the change we wish to see. He has also played for multiple benefit concerts such as the realities of modern-day slavery. The next project will be a music bike tour in May to Utah to schools and communities to teach and exercise sustainable touring. More information at www.JustinAncheta.com

Looking forward to seeing everyone. And once again Feliz Ano Nuevo!

-Rafael Bustamante Sarria

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