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First things first: I’m moving to Oakland in 6 days!  Excited to see what the change of locale will do for my soul.

In other words: I’m back from the Yucatan, and ready to play lots of music and create some good happenings here in the Bay.

Upcoming Show and Festival

JAB News: ULUV Festival

Information on the ULUV Festival, 2013

In other news, check out the upcoming shows! Lots of really cool things happening this weekend as well as the following two weekends:

Check the links for details to the show listings.  Also, check out the ULUV flier on the right for all the details and come check us out!

New Works

I’ve been working a lot with Cradle Duende as well as doing many DJ gigs. Yes, I have accepted that I can still find pleasure in music while merely ‘pressing a button’. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure instruments and voice stay strong in my life. I’ve been sick for awhile and finally feeling my voice and body in good health again. After a long pause like that, the simple things of just talking or singing normal, or feeling normal, is such a blessing.

I’m still working in the Environmental and Social Movements where I can. Rock the Bike is a good outlet for me. I’d like to see more bikes and electric vehicles, car shares programs, and other means of simplifying our crazy modern life. I find myself in front of computers far too much so one of my goals in the coming months and following year is to minimize computer time and maximize garden and growing time, allowing my feet to touch the earth and soil. There may be more hikes on dirt paths and through the trees coming my way.

Much love from SF-soon-to-be-in-OAKLAND.



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