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News from Our Hawaiian Musical Bike Tour

Dear Friends and Family,

Bike around the islandWe just completed an absolutely amazing journey!  We rounded the island of Hawaii by bike to share some down-home, grass-roots eco-tourism bike-concepts with the island and friends.  Every place we went we played bicycle-powered shows, bringing both our music and our environmental spirit on tour with us.

Some pictures and stories are at Go check it out!

Music and the Environment

I have long considered how environmentalism and music can come together.  Over the past five years, I have placed increasing emphasis on expressing my environmentalist roots through my music and my actions. Activism for 2015 and beyond will be a sincere effort towards making the world what it can truly be.  What I believe we can be and what I know we can create is not far off.  Here, in this moment, I feel the abundance of what has been created in just one year.  The potential for what we can do in this lifetime — not 7 generations from now — is tremendous.  I firmly believe in a vision where humans are at a zero-carbon footprint for their daily routine and I believe we can reach that vision soon.

10354957_10152902008754134_4320360557725977685_nOne way to help support the ‘now’ in these steps towards ecotopia is by supporting the campaign on Oahu.  While many think of this as an island paraide, it is actually an island choked with cars. We have the ability to create what we wish to see, both on the island and the mainland. For us, we plan another bicycle music festival next December like the one we just completed.  Support us to create reachable goals of a 2015 Pedal Powered Music Festival of Hawaii!

Here is the link:

Please share! 7 more days!

Views from the Island

Some pictures of the trip are below to enjoy.  Hope to see you at a show soon!








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