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After years of having issues with the distribution channel we selected for the 2013 release of PLANT, we are changing from Tunecore (yuck!) to release under a new digital platform! We will let you know how it goes soon.

We are ending the year with a Justin Ancheta Band show at the Crazy Horse in Nevada City on December 23rd. Get your tickets in advance and RSVP to the event here.

More shows can be found on the sites of bands that Justin plays in, Honey of the Heart, to name one! The band just had an album release at the Center For The Arts in Grass Valley, combining with the efforts of BrightSide Blue, Lindsay Bellows & Ananda Vaughan. Last bit is that they just released two albums in one night, spanning the entire 15 song live performance album from the Center for the Arts, plus the 8 song disc of all the singles the band created during the Pandemic.

Look out for 2023 as the band is already getting requests to perform throughout the country and beyond. bookings in both Mexico and the East coast of the United States is on the docket combined with the usual California and West Coast tours happening annually with the band.

Want to get some music for a friend? Go to the Justin Ancheta Band – Bandcamp page to give the gift of music to a friend. You can get the entire catalog of music for $24. That is multiple albums that can be downloaded as an MP3, FLAC, or WAV file of your choice. Follow this link to go there.

Our music and video page also has some great content for you there too!

One thought on “Upcoming Shows and Release

  1. Hey Justin! I love following your journey, hearing your new tunes as you expand and blossom. The first time I listened to you play was at the storytelling festival at Live Oak Waldord School many years ago, where I actually plucked up the courage to play my own music for the first time live. I took a couple of your ukulele workshops when you taught them up in NC library program and thoroughly enjoyed them. I’ve grown myself and devoted more and more to my music and this past week released my first album (Off the Hook) which I wanted to share with you. I would love your feedback as a fellow Nevada City musician…. Who knows, perhaps I can open for you one day if you like my stylings! Sending you many more blessings, and so much gratitude at this time of Thanksgiving. I hope you and your family are well and thriving and happy.

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