Gigs at the Make-Out Room and Revolution Café
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Justin Ancheta and the Classical Revolution

Beautiful autumn days are upon us in the Bay Area. So many great things are happening locally.  Tonight, I am performing intimate classical renditions of Justin Ancheta songs at the Revolution Café.   Backed by local artists and the Classical Revolution crew, we plan to rediscover some of my softer tunes and reinvent some familiar ones.  Classical Revolution hosts these events every Monday night starting at 8pm.

Justin Ancheta at the Make-Out Room

Also, a huge show with Cradle Duende, Shake Your Peace! and Heather Normandale at the Make-Out Room on Sunday the 18th!  This one is brought to you through the joint efforts of: Seaweed Sway, Soul Graffiti, and Stone Soup.

Here are the details:

  • Sunday, November 18th, 2012
  • Make-Out Room (3225 22nd Street, San Francisco, California 94110)
  • 7-11 pm
  • $8 if you take muni/bart/bike.  $10 for all other patrons.

Join our Facebook event, and remember to take public transportation or bike there for a discount at the door!


Album News

The album is coming along!  Mixing at Hyde Street with Scottie McDeeeee mid-November. A rough mix of ‘Downward’ is HERE for you to listen to briefly. So stoked to get great local Northern California musical artsists to join in making this album.  We have even higher aims of preparing for two more releases in the coming 2013 year!

With all of this momentum and energy, it is going to be a year for the radicals to get active and in the mainstream.  This album is one step towards having a local grassroots movement in community and culture. We are inspired to live simple and strong. How are you going to get involved?  Please tell us your passion:

Of course, we couldn’t do it without you. Thank you so much for the support over the years.



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