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Hello Friends – Fans – Family!

I am Really Excited to start May off with a warm welcome back to San Francisco by being invited to the International Arts Festival, as well as a new gig down in San Jose. Both shows are very different. The first (May 17th)will be an intimate look into the singer/songwriter of my music, acoustically breaking it down for an evening where I know I will get to show you my soul. San Jose will be a FULL Band show with all the bells and whistles (June 2nd). Please buy your tickets by clicking on the links and support local music! I just got back from Bay Rising 2012 and had an epic adventures with new and old friends, all close to my heart. Here is one of many articles written in regards to the tour. SHAKE YOUR PEACE! and RUPA & THE APRIL FISHES tore it up. Shredding on e-bike extravaganza! More info on soon!

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