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Scott Jacobs completed this recently for Justin Ancheta's new release of 2011

Thanks to the growing community of Soul Graffiti activists, inspired to create connections that go beyond business, and into the ethereal which we all can relate to at some level. Scott Jacobs, a local artist gaining recognition throughout California, has created the dreamy picture of where Ancheta’s music can take you. Outside reality and into a dream, Jacobs and Ancheta plan to collaborate on art for the upcoming debut of Ancheta’s new 2011 release which will feature local talented artists of northern california. CD release party will be announced in the near future. If you would like to support the efforts, please make a contribution for the time and efforts of Scott and Ancheta’s collaboration. All proceeds will be going towards the artists. Thank you. You can contact Scott directly through his Scott Jacobs Facebook

2 thoughts on “Scott Jacobs & Ancheta Collaborate

  1. Hey looking for Scott Jacobs, old friend of his Moms from Michigan. Haven’t seen Scott since he was a child. His Mom told me to look him up on the web for his art work, this is the only site I found so far! Great Job Scott! Can’t find him on face book yet.

    1. Look up his facebook page. That should be the best way to contact him. That is how I stay in touch with him. I think he is still around the Big Sur area – Monterey Bay. Hope that helps. Justin

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