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It has been a wild ride these past years. I’m coming out of fathering a toddler and into the years of fathering a young girl; vastly different! I’m ever so grateful for the experience and opportunity to continue doing my music and work in the arts as I have stepped into fatherhood. As you can probably see, lots of energies has gone into the project “Honey of the Heart” which is the music project of myself and mother-to-my-daughter, Maren Metke. We have created over 7 albums in the past 10 years and 3 in the past 3 years, cruising along at some good speed and consistency. All this said, I long for the days when I whimsically travelled the world as I followed my muse. I still do this in some ways, but it has been refined into a different form, holding many pieces of the family puzzle. I’m not going to launch into all my hopes, dreams, and aspirations for 2024 and beyond. I hope you stay with me on this read!

Live Force Direction

As I continue to write and create new works, I have stepped back to look at where I’m at in life, what brings me joy and purpose, and what motivates me along the way. A lot of my path has been motivated from a place of fierce determination to persevere no matter what the situation. It has served me well in sports, writing about love and loss/break-ups, and digging myself out of feeling like I am underwater or in a hole. Great songs can come from strife, for sure. I’m not ready to create the change I want to see in the world instead of my younger self saying it as a dream looking forward.

Now that I am 43 years old and have a good look on my past years, my present, and where I’d like to be in ten years, I am inspired and committed to my growth as a human being and musician. What this looks like for me is to weave together the tapestry of my skills as an artist, curator, and entrepreneur. I’m not only wanting to rely on what I already know, but I’m excited to learn more and commit my studies to circling techniques, NLP, and other modalities of healing that I always hoped I could attain naturally. Help along the way is here and I’m willing and reaching for it so that I may better understand myself, and create the possibility of helping others along my path.

Here is a rough sketch of my ideas, I’m happy to hear comments and reflections on what comes up for you around hearing this all.

  • Complete my masters in NLP in the coming year(s)
  • Create retreats worldwide focused on finding your authentic voice with using sound, empathy, movement and other healing modalities
  • Create sound baths and albums that reflect the tools necessary for the work reflected at retreats and integration processes.
  • Collaborate with other healers and teachers to create a web of interconnected healing to alleviate suffering and align us to our highest selves.

New shows will be listed on my site as well as Honey of the Heart and Soul Graffiti Productions, so please stay in touch and let’s connect soon y’all!

Short and sweet! I thanks for reading this and my intentions into the 2024 and beyond years. May you find your way in this life and see the blessings of your journey.

All My love,

Justin Ancheta

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