East Coast Yoga Music Events
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East Coast Yoga Music Events

Collaborations with good people

Shows are up with details. I hope to see you where I can along the road. Excited to be doing lots of unique shows along the way, everything from Synagogues & Yoga Studios, to Bars and Old Folks Homes. Ya, it sounds like the beginning of a joke “So a Filipino-jew, sets off across the continent on his bike to play Synagogues, Yoga Studios, Bars and Old Folks Homes…” The jew part I found out because of my Grandmothers name – Lavine, a Spanish-Jewish name. Anyways, I hope to see you along the way. I am super excited to be doing this tour in the fashion that it is. It is like a little Pleasant Revolution tour, but with less people. If you want to support on the way, please send donations to justin@sinclairband.com paypal. Thanks for reading and enjoy until the end.

Shows listings on SHOW PAGE (as well as to the right).

Blessings from SF for now.

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