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Dance, Celebrate, Feel and Dream with us at the Stonehouse, January 18, 2019.

Wild and Scenic Film Festival Friday Night Afterparty 1/18/19. Call of the Wild!

Wild and Scenic Film Festival Features Honey of the Heart and Justin Ancheta Band for their January 18, 2019, Friday Night Afterparty at the Stonehouse in Nevada City, CA.

These bands will create an opportunity to dance, celebrate, and feed your soul the musical experience you have been waiting for. They will wrap up Wild and Scenic’s Friday night with some hard-hitting funk, world beats, luscious harmony, roots, soulful vocals, improv, beatbox with a deep-pocket rhythm section. Their songs are laden with conscious lyrics and thought inspiring themes, matching the overall vibe of the festival. The versatility and combination of these bands offer something for every music connoisseur. They bring a mature, diverse world sound to wrap up the second night of the wild and scenic film festival.

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What can you expect?

Come join these local gems for a night of “inspiring rhythm and sound” at 1/18/19 of the Wild and Scenic Film Festival. Honey of the Heart and Justin Ancheta Band are joining forces for a night of dance, harmony, and adding powerhouse rhythm, including Richard Jones on the drum kit and Fred Doumbe on bass and stellar melody addition, Gary Regina.

What are people saying about Honey of the Heart and Justin Ancheta Band?

“The Justin Ancheta Band is a positively-charged, high-energy band from San Francisco. They bring together exotic world sounds with some heavy doses of funk and reggae. They lace socially-conscious lyrics with guitar & melodies over a steady foundation of drums, percussion, and bass. This band creates a dance party for everyone to enjoy. Locally acclaimed, they play venues such as the IndependentSlim’sYoshi’s, and the Great American Music Hall. Their tour schedule has taken them from Barcelona to Hawaii. After more than a decade of shows and touring, they have shared the stage with The WailersJoan BaezCreedence Clearwater SurvivalCharles Neville and many more musical luminaries.”

“Justin Ancheta Band has a beat that is global in scope.” — Gus Thompson, Auburn Journal

“Their voices, song, and music filled the air around me, and I felt like I had known them for years. There’s a way that their music intertwines to create a deliciously sweet syrupy experience that matches perfectly their name: Honey of the Heart. I’ve hired them for intimate and bigger underground dance events, and each time they came through with beauty, presence. I recommend them for any event where you want to fill the heart of your guests with wonder and delight!”
~Philippe Lewis, Event Producer, Oakland, CA

“Justin Ancheta Band is one of the best and brightest bands…” — Mark S. Allen, Good Morning Sacramento (KMAX Channel 31)

“like a soulful balm, honey of the heart moves the spirit and invites the body to follow with their undulating harmonies and beautiful lyrics. Seeing them is a joyous full body experience” ~ S.C.W. Grass Valley, CA

Album Preview show at the Independent SF


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